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Kingdom Discipleship Track

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Kingdom discipleship track is a 12 weeks journey with a friend and learning what it means to follow Jesus. This interactive experience is designed for those exploring their growth in faith — it goes through 3 different parts: new identity, new family, new purpose.

Launching on January 10th:
Every Wednesday @ 7:30PM



Discipleship happens on the basketball court too! Join us for a friendly pick up games of Basketball.


Wednesdays @ 7:30PM

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Join us for a journey of transformation where you’ll learn from Pastor Craig Hill how to cultivate a non-anxious presence and forge meaningful connections in our fast-paced world. Rediscover the ‘Ancient Path’ and embrace the true art of being human, finding the deep rest your soul craves.

Saturday, April 20  |  9AM-6PM

Fitness Bootcamp


Build a healthy lifestyle and make meaningful connection with others through joining our Bootcamp. 


Wednesdays @ 7:30PM
Saturdays @ 8:30PM

Welcome to Abbalove Lunch

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Meet the pastors, learn about the church community, find ways how you can start following Jesus, partner with us others while building meaningful friendship along the way.


Sunday, February 25 @ 12PM

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